Camp Terror: Andrew Auernheimer’s Desert Klan Meetings

Auernheimer removed / friends-only this posted roughly a year ago.

Andrew Auernheimer, Hypocrites and Pharisees. July 5th, 2010.


Auernheimer, Andrew. Hypocrites and Pharisees. 2011-01-04. URL: Accessed: 2011-01-04. (Archived by WebCite® at

Auernheimer, Andrew. New years Eve @ Slab City. 2010-01-03. URL: http://weev.livejournal.com


3 Responses to Camp Terror: Andrew Auernheimer’s Desert Klan Meetings

  1. Lerie Taylor, San Diego, CA says:

    isn’t the internet wonderful.

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  3. noone says:

    Weev is a bad person and has done myriad bad things many of which are illegal and he probably should go to jail for them. But many of the accusations you have against him on your site appear to be slander by various sources that got propagated by the media until they became accepted as truth. Weev loved parody and many of his over-the-top statements such as “Death to the Jews” were heavily facetious especially given that he is, well, you know, Jewish by birth. Sure he is out there in those pictures shooting rifles in the desert, but where are the other putative clan members? How many Jewish members does the KKK have? He has never actually been linked to calling in threats against a synagog either as which is frequently falsely accused of.

    As for the statements of his that you highlight above, well Weeve generally got off on saying things to provoke people and enjoyed saying things in direct proportion to how much of a response they could elicit. Weeve discovered that he could get huge responses by saying provocative things about Jews and Israel. It doesn’t mean he actually believed any of the things he said or that wanted others to, he just liked the strong response he got when he said them. Just like his “Allah’s vengeance” statement above. You aren’t going to accuse him of being a Islamic terrorist next are you? Even if these were his actual beliefs, it is still all protected by the first amendment.

    If you want to stick it to Weev, as he probably deserves, then keep to his actual hacking and cyber bullying which were very much real. Attacking criminals for crimes they didn’t commit isn’t really justice, only going after them for their real crimes is. Otherwise you are inadvertently lowering the credibility of this blog by mirroring, or perhaps even creating, slander.

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