Breaking Intel: Weev hands over GNAA on eve of narcotics possession trial

03:44 < trelane`> wow there’s a lot of cares about weev on F-D
03:44 < trelane`> apparently he’s as good with the women as Julian Assange

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$ grep weev \#gnaa.01-14.log

01:03 <@wooster> i think weev is officially dead here
01:12 < morb> rip weev
01:41 < vorrible> i heard weev knocked up bristol palin, and had to go into hiding
01:48 -!- wooster changed the topic of #gnaa to: rip weev: who wants to be in charge around here?
01:51 < h> what happened to weev :[
02:03 < vorrible> rip weev, long live king rucas
03:25 < incog>  \ \  weev  \
03:52 < jbs> status of weev’s freedom
04:54 < andyskates> weev : #GNAA HAS MOVED TO IRC.GROVE.BZ #GROVE
05:04 < l0de> what happen 2 weev
05:06 <@wooster> l0de: weev is unable to perform his duties as prez
05:09 < l0de> weev was up and coming
05:15 < l0de> not this penny ante weev ego inflating horseshit
05:16 < emad> weev : TYPE 420 IF YOU LOVE SMOKING WEED
05:38 < tptd> weev : / ! \ #GNAA HAS MOVED TO IRC.GROVE.BZ #GROVE / ! \
11:05 -!- mode/#gnaa [+o l0de] by weev
11:05 <@weev> l0de
11:05 <@weev> how ra eyuo
11:09 <@l0de> weev
11:09 <@weev> im not unwilling to
11:09 <@weev> but
11:09 <@weev> i did not start such talk
11:09 <@weev> i already transitioned GNAA
11:09 <@weev> to high council leadership
11:09 <@weev> by exuective order
11:10 -!- mode/#gnaa [+o dsp] by weev
11:10 <@weev> dsp is the head of the high council
11:10 <@weev> soli yeah i follow the sidereal, i am a leo
11:10 < soli> weev  i shall be your chief of staff
11:11 -!- mode/#gnaa [+o soli] by weev
11:11 <@weev> its  council now
11:11 <@weev> theres no president
11:12 < evilmatcha> special counsel to the weev?
11:12 <@soli> weev is senior counel
11:23 <@soli> weev here’s your horoscope for the day: Buy some ketamine & riggs
13:27 < i> what’s going on with weev?
14:00 < afed_> also is weev finally in prison for life
14:41 < ballsac> when and how did weev die
15:02 < ballsac> who did weev die
15:05 < ohyeah> weev is alive
15:08 < ballsac> it’s weev
15:41 < afed_>   <–weev update
15:45 <@soli> he looks just like weev
15:46 -!- afed_ changed the topic of #gnaa to: rip weev: who wants to be in charge around here? |
17:08 <@weev> hellol
17:09 <@soli> weev did you inject ketamine yesterady?
17:10 <@weev> soli
17:10 <@weev> lol
17:10 <@weev> ilu
17:10 <@weev> yes
17:11 <@weev> but you are
17:11 <@weev> a junkie
17:11 <@weev> thats smart
17:13 <@weev> you know whats even worse thans uboxone
17:14 <@weev> methadone
17:15 <+jihad`> weev: though, methadone is a GREAT pain medication
17:16 <@weev> if i am gonna do a substance with that kinda duration
17:16 <@weev> its gonna be numorphan
17:16 <@weev> evilmatcha knows whats up
17:17 <@weev> numorphan is nod so good they only give it to terminal cancer patients
17:17 <@weev> yeah
17:17 <@weev> its easy to do oxycodone -> oxymorphone
17:17 <@weev> too
17:17 <@weev> dunno if youve read
17:17 <@weev> but theres a synth for that
17:17 <@weev> kitchen synth
17:17 <@weev> on the rhodium archives
17:18 <@weev>
17:18 <@weev> With an overall yield of 63% and a potency increase of 15, the actual gain factor is around 9, i.e. you have 9 times more opioid activity than at the beginning. A one-day dose can therefore be converted into a week-dose. No bad, eh?
17:18 <@weev> The kitchen chemistry adaptions would include the use of a hair dryer insted of the reduced pressure, skipping the purification process (the crude product should be clean enough and no toxic chemicals have been used).
17:18 < morb> sup weev
17:19 <@weev> morb nmu?
17:19 <@weev> preparing to go to trial
17:19 <@weev> ive fallen in lovei think
17:19 <@weev> it helps prepare me
17:19 <+jihad`> weev foto and i are engaged.
17:19 <@weev> soli no theres a mandatory min on the lsd, not enough smallness on it for drug court
17:20 <@weev> jihad awesome
17:20 <@weev> congrats
17:20 <@weev> name one of your sons middle names after me
17:20 <+feem> weev: hug be careful ok
17:20 <+jihad`> william weevlos h.
17:20 <@weev> feem thanks i will
17:21  * i hug weev
17:21 <@weev> lol
17:21 <@weev> it was other stuff
17:21 <@weev> did anyone read
17:21 <@weev> the section from my birth chart
17:21 <@weev> on the sun sign
17:21 <@weev> latest lj post
17:21 <@weev> its so fucking like
17:21 <@weev> spot on and crazy
17:21 <@weev> im 25 now
17:21 <@weev> mao:
17:22 <@weev> the vedic jyotish is so fucking spot on its crazy
17:22 <@soli> damn weev
17:22 <@weev> mao eeat 5mg of lsd and fuck some hippie girls
17:22 <@weev> its not very hard
17:22 <@weev> lol
17:22 <@weev> ive done visible physical amounts
17:22 <@weev> of lsd crystal
17:22 < Rucas_> weev: slap me summa dat minus be
17:22 <+jihad`> fk u weev
17:23 -!- mode/#gnaa [-bbbb *!*@maxchats-4tmn4p.26f9.658b.9800.2607.IP *!* *!* *!*] by weev
17:23 <@weev> B[B[B[B[Bmao
17:23 <@weev> you still in russia?
17:23 <@weev> i know a guy in russia
17:24 <@weev> okay
17:24 <@weev> i will hook you up later mao
17:25 <@weev> mao, depends
17:25 <@weev> i see them go for 400 sometimes
17:25 <@weev> 450 really lately
17:25 <+jihad`> ya weev
17:25 <@weev> mao its a sheet, youre supposed to move some of it
17:27 <@weev>
17:27 <@weev> err
17:27 <@soli> weev i wanted to invite you
17:28 <@weev> soli
17:28 <@weev> i dont mind coolio
17:28 <@weev> i am not quite sure who he is
17:28 <@weev> is that coolio from dalnet like 10 years ago
17:28 <@weev> if so, i bear no grudge
17:28 <@weev> yeah that coolio
17:28 <@weev> tell him i bear no grudge
17:28 <@weev> i was fucking 14
17:28 <@weev> when i hated him
17:28 <@weev> its been 11 fucking years
17:29 <@weev> i think we can bury hatchet
17:29 <@weev> i think the hatchet rotted on the ground like 10 years ago
17:29 <@weev> i had opium last week
17:30 < evilmatcha> weev: have you ever eaten opium?
17:30 <@weev> no only smoked
17:30 <@weev> i wanna do the laudunum thing
17:30 <@weev> DILAUDID <#
17:30 <@weev> DILAUDID ❤
17:30 <+jihad`> weev if you’ve never tried it
17:30 <@weev> DILAUDID ❤
17:31 <@weev> evilmatcha, ive eaten doses of opiates large enough to have serious color distortions
17:31 <@weev> mao, the best thing to put in your vein since blood cells
17:31 <@soli> weev, [12:31] <coolio> it hasn’t been 11 years
17:31 <@weev> okay well
17:31 <@weev> its been years
17:31 <@weev> i dont caer
17:31 <@weev> i dont even remember
17:31 <@weev> when it was
17:32 <@weev> OH
17:32 <@weev> OH
17:32 <@weev> lol seriously?
17:32 <@weev> thats coolio the mafiaboy coolio?
17:32 <@weev> man
17:32 <@weev> small internet
17:32 <@weev> i never hated him
17:32 <@weev> i only hate molokobot and drolley cause theyre fufcking federal informants
17:33 <@weev> lolllllll
17:33 <@weev> he thinks i care about gettin banned from a channel
17:33 <@weev> i bet he imagined me cuttin myself
17:33 <@weev> over it
17:33 <@weev> tell sinned idc hes heartiez
17:36 <@weev> dude sidereal is nothin new
17:36 <@weev> its not new
17:36 <@weev> its thosuands of years old
17:36 <@weev> welcome to 1000BCE
17:36 <@weev> ive been using the jyotish
17:36 <@weev> for 3 years now
17:37 <@weev> soli, the jewish lies are fading
17:37 <@weev> people are beginning to capture ancient aryan wisdom again
17:37 <@weev> and look to the stars
17:37 <@weev> for the truth
17:37 <@weev> we are an extarterrestrial race
17:37 <@weev> soli
17:38 <@weev> who invented “western” astrology”
17:38 <@weev> ptolemy did
17:38 <@weev> just gogole
17:38 <@weev> ptolemy hebrew
17:39 <@weev> “In his letter to Flora, Ptolemy makes a case for the necessity of reading and understanding the Hebrew scriptures.”
17:39 <@weev> ptolemy was cryptojudaic
17:40 <@weev> i think the mumbo jumbo mysticism about the virgin birth and literal manifestation of divinity and resurrection cheapens the message of jesus
17:40 <@weev> jesus’ life is all the more powerful, if hes just another poor kid
17:40 <@weev> that decides to stand up
17:42 <@weev> mormons are lol
17:42 <@weev> joseph smith was his name
17:42 <@weev> and nah he was just a sober sociopath
17:42 <@weev> that liked sticking his dick in a lot of whores
17:42 <@weev> but i dunno
17:42 <@weev> if youve read the book of mormon
17:43 <@weev> but its a really apt metaphor
17:43 <@weev> for the future of america
17:43 <@weev> read nephi and shit
17:43 <@weev> that siht is powerful
17:43 <@weev> yeah i mean its sort of ridiculous
17:43 <@soli> weev u ever check out dannion brinkley prophecies
17:43 <@weev> but its sort of also awesomely meaningful
17:43 <@weev> basically
17:43 <@weev> nephi was the founder of a people, the nephiites
17:44 <@weev> and they grew into wickedness
17:44 <@weev> and were destined to be destroyed
17:44 <@weev> but nephi and  lehi
17:44 <@weev> they were just men
17:44 <@weev> and loved their people
17:44 <@weev> and when they were destroyed
17:44 <@weev> they mourned
17:44 <@weev> and they said, oh beautiful ones, how could you have fallen?
17:44 <@weev> and thats what i feel like
17:44 <@weev> when i see some white girl with a nigger
17:45 <@weev> or i see a bunch of fatties at mcdonalds
17:45 <@weev> eating 3 big macs a piece
17:45 <@weev> its like, how could you have got to this state
17:45 <@weev> morb, i cant help it
17:45 <@weev> i love them
17:45 <@weev> i want them to be happy
17:45 <@weev> i love america
17:45 <@weev> dude
17:45 <@weev> cattle are cute
17:45 <@weev> i love cows
17:45 <@weev> when i see cows in pain
17:45 <@weev> it makes me sad
17:46 <@weev> same i eat hellam meat
17:46 <@weev> i prefer a meat only diet
17:46 <@weev> but i love animals too
18:04 <@weev> lol
18:13 <@weev> i think we should fucking takeover a nation in africa
18:13 <@weev> imo
18:15 <@weev> i want to take over the DRC
18:16 <@weev> wait i forget which one it is, republic of the congo, or democratic republic of the congo
18:16 <@weev> whatever zaire is called now
18:16 <@weev> the jews are already raping me
18:16 <@weev> yeah the republic of the congo is the one to the east right
18:16 <@weev> thats why they have democratic, to differenetiate
18:16 <@weev> typical nigger behavior, totally unoriginal
18:17 <@weev> no no theres a difference between the democratic republic of the congo, and the republic of the congo
18:17 <@weev> they are two different countries
18:17 <@weev> both in africa
18:17 <@weev> right next to eachother almost
18:17 <@weev> they should go back to zaire
18:17 <@weev> that was a good name
18:18 <@weev> yeah
18:18 <@weev> democratic republic of the congo soudns gay as fuck
18:18 <@weev> they have a shitton of natural resources though
18:18 <@weev> they should belong to us
18:18 <@weev> imo
18:19 <@weev> lemurtown hopefully
18:20 <@weev> we need to get to africa asap
18:20 <@weev> and throw a coup somewhere
18:20 <@weev> lets take back south africa maybe
18:20 <@weev> yeah because the ngigers took it
18:20 <@weev> lets take it back
18:21 <@weev> no dude arabs are too wily, even african arabs
18:21 <@weev> i dont want to fuck with themj
18:21 <@weev> murdox, i would support this but if we could call it rohypnoldesia
18:22 <@weev> no dude arabs are too wily, even african arabsy smoking methaqualone and flunitrazepam
18:22 <@weev> wow what the fuck fucking irc over tor is horrible
18:22 <@weev> *and spend all day smoking methaqualone and flunitrazepam
18:23 <%afed_> weev comments on this article about you
18:23 <@weev> deadbum how are you buddy
18:23 <@weev> afed what article
18:23 <@weev> afed
18:23 < evilmatcha> weev is
18:23 <@weev> i would never dress up as a nazi
18:24 <@weev> no
18:24 < deadbum> weev: I’m alright, working. How about yourself?
18:24 <@weev> hitler was a jew
18:24 < casci> the guy who put weev’s wikipedia article in american jews is a genius
18:32 <@weev> shekel grubber
19:03 <@weev> okay
19:03 <@weev> we need to have an inauguration ceremony
19:03 <@weev> for my successor dsp
19:03 <@weev> im passin the ledership on
19:03 <@weev> yes
19:03 <@weev> yesdsp it is
19:03 <@weev> i am leaving the shit in his hands
19:03 <@weev> until the next election
19:03 <@weev> hes head councilman
19:03 <@weev> u can call him president if you want
19:04 <@weev> its possible
19:04 -!- weev changed the topic of #gnaa to: now planning for dsp’s inauguration ceremony
19:04 <@weev> everyone please make preparations
19:04 <@weev> prepare crapfloods
19:05 <@weev> get ready 2 aimspam and blogspam
19:05 <@weev> i cannot promise u a place in dsp’s cabinet
19:05 <@weev> ur gonna have to take it up with him
19:05 < Murdox> rip weev
19:05 <@weev> yes
19:06 <@soli> weev will be bak
19:07 <@weev> nickelback is playing
19:07 <@weev> ugh
19:08 <@weev> lol
19:08 -!- mode/#gnaa [+o Murdox] by weev
19:08 <@weev> murdox
19:08 <@weev> i am issuing a formal recommendation
19:08 <@weev> for u to continue ur place as VP
19:08 <@weev> in dsps’s cabinet
19:08 <@weev> murdox you are located in the US correct
19:09 <@weev> u and dsp should chat
19:09 <@weev> i believe he is in your hood.
19:09 <@weev> murdox is your nick regged
19:10 -!- mode/#gnaa [+b *!*ballsac@*] by weev
19:10 -!- ballsac was kicked from #gnaa by weev [u shouldnt talk ur the most useless person in here]
19:10 <@weev> so anyways
19:10 <@weev> im sick of ballsac doin nothing but ask for ops
19:11 <@weev> dsp im giving u an inauguration ceremony
19:11 <@weev> please compose a speech
19:11 <@weev> to rally your fellow gayniggers
19:13 <@weev> 😀
19:13 <@weev> gadi evron has started his own security list
19:13 <@dsp> weev: lovely new target for lols
19:15 <@weev> lets fight the jews
19:20 <@weev> hmm
19:20 <@weev> gadi evron seems to have dropped off the face of the itnernet
19:20 <@weev> where is he now
19:20 <@weev> lol
19:22 <@weev>
19:22 <@weev> last post from last march
19:22 <@weev> hes officially over
19:22 <@weev> whose there now
19:22 <@weev> lolllll
19:23 <@weev> death to jews
19:23 <@weev> gadi has a lolj?
19:23 <@weev> i dunno i think gadi is milked for lulz
19:23 <@weev> we need like, a new lol
19:24 <@weev> lol
19:25 <@weev> hd moore releases metasploit modules tho
19:25 <@weev> on metasploit
19:25 <@weev> and thats where peopel grab his shit
19:26 <@weev> dan rosenberg is probably the best option
19:26 <@weev> i lol at gadi
19:27 <@weev> but its old lols
19:27 <@weev> we should lol more
19:28 <@weev> we neeed ss7 access
19:29 < mao> weev: n e #etoke
19:34 <@weev>  absolutely suer
19:35 <@weev> dsp that was a hard test
19:36 <@weev> i really think
19:36 <@weev> there needs to be more gnfos spreading
19:36 <@weev> imo
19:37 -!- mode/#gnaa [+o Winkie] by weev
19:37 <@Winkie> thx2u weev
19:38 <@weev> lets hope they all go to prison
19:38 <@weev> and get raped eternally
19:39 < push[RAX]> 14:42 <@weev> and get raped eternally
19:44 -!- mode/#gnaa [+b *!*Justin@*] by weev
19:44 -!- MTW was kicked from #gnaa by weev []
19:54 < Rucas> weev is in:       [PRISON]
19:54 < jbs> weev has a netbook and a 3g modem in jail
19:57 <@weev> oaky
19:57 <@weev> okay
19:57 <@weev> OKAY
19:57 <@weev> wheres the ruin at
19:57 <@weev> who am i shit talking
20:00 <@weev> lol
20:01 <@weev> i frequently get banned from channels on freenode
20:01 <@weev> just for being me
20:01 <@weev> after being friendly
20:01 <@weev> ive never even trolled frereenode
20:04 <@weev> lol
20:04 <@weev> cpan
20:04 <@weev> needs more lolling
20:04 <@weev> for sure
20:04 <@weev> cpan
20:04 <@weev> cpan
20:04 <@weev> cpan
20:04 <@weev> that time::cubic shit
20:04 <@weev> SO fucking lol
20:04 <@weev> PAUSE more like PAWS CPAN is a furry organization
20:05 <@weev> hmm if CPAN believes in spreading HIV
20:05 <@weev> i might support it
20:05 < FAG_SCHOOL> isnt weev supposed to be in guantamo bay
20:06 <@weev> dsp please pastebin that
20:06 <@weev> i will paste immediately
20:06 <@weev> and also post in the lj bsd communities
20:06 <@weev> dsp
20:06 <@weev> shouldnt that be eulogy for BSD
20:07 <@weev> i mean elegy sorta works too
20:07 <@weev> but eulogy is more appropriate
20:11 <@weev> okay i have been banned from netbsd chat
20:11 <@weev> what next
20:11 <@weev> what network is #freebsd on
20:12 <@weev> FAG_SCHOOL: i know and its all theo deraadtsw fault
20:12 <@weev> he willingly assisted the US government in putting backdoors into openbsd codes
20:12 <@weev> we really really need
20:13 <@weev> to do nmore of that
20:13 <@weev> we need someone to impersonate like
20:13 <@weev> some decades old devs
20:13 <@weev> with no current contact info
20:13 <@weev> and say they acepted money from the fbi
20:13 <@weev> to put vulnerabilities in codes
20:13 <@weev> somebody like
20:13 <@weev> come up with a list of projects that are widely used, and a list of old developers
20:13 <@weev> that arent around anywhere anymore
20:13 <@weev> we need a firestorm of that shit
20:14 <@weev> lol
20:14 <@weev> pretty sure rms will respond to those allegations quickly
20:15 <@weev> omg miley cyrus is on the radio 😀
20:15 <@weev> ACCORDING TO U
20:15 <@weev> I’d just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.
20:15 <@weev> Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called “Linux”, and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project.
20:15 <@weev> There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. Linux is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine’s resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system …
20:16 <@weev> … is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called “Linux” distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.
20:22 <@weev> I’d just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as Ubuntu Linux, is in fact, GNU/Ubuntu Linux, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.
20:22 <@weev> Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called “Ubuntu Linux”, and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project.
20:22 <@weev> moving immediately to #ubuntu-women
20:23 <@weev> fuck i am banned from ubuntu women
20:30 <@weev> im quieted in #ubuntu
20:32 <@weev> listen all i need to know is
20:32 <@weev> whose face can i piss on
20:32 <@weev> its a question that i need to ask
20:33 <@weev> tptd i will go to jail if u let me pee on your face
20:38 -!- mode/#gnaa [+b *!*sxe@*] by weev
20:38 -!- tptd was kicked from #gnaa by weev [racism and homophobia]
20:39 <@weev> vxp owned
20:39 -!- mode/#gnaa [+b *!*sxe@*] by weev
20:39 <@weev> thats the problem with tptd
20:39 <@weev> hes sxe
20:40 <@weev> dsp, in the toilet is exactly where openbsd belongs
20:42 <@weev> You are currently unable to edit pages on Wikipedia.
20:42 <@weev> You can still read pages, but you cannot edit or create them.
20:42 <@weev> banned =[
20:42 <@dsp> i am passing the helm for this evening to incog and weev etc
20:42 <@weev> okay
20:42 <@weev> dsp
20:42 <@weev> please take charge
20:42 <@weev> with new products
20:42 <@weev> very soon
20:42 <@weev> this community needs your expertise and direction
20:43 <@weev> lol awesome
20:43 <@weev> lolll awesome
20:44 -!- mode/#gnaa [+b *!*@*] by weev
20:44 <@weev> too much flood
20:44 <@weev> ^ raged
21:30 <@weev> loooool
21:30 <@weev> incog
21:30 <@weev> maxlol
21:31 -!- weev changed the topic of #gnaa to: now planning for dsp inauguration ceremony | <incog> no wonder the Jews want the west bank, its the only bank they dont yet control
21:31 <@weev>
21:32 <@weev> i cant see videos someone tells me if this is good so i should save it for later
21:44 <+jihad`> weev: it ends with a twist
21:49 <@weev> what does
21:49 <@weev> oh the video
21:49 <@weev> word i will watch it later
21:50 <@weev> i wish i had an mpeg
21:50 <@weev> i can watch mpegs
21:50 <@weev> i cant watch this flash shit
21:50 <@weev> its hoarder software
21:50 <@weev> i will not enable non-free repositories
21:52 < morb> weev:
22:48 <@weev> okay i gotta give up trollign for a while dudes
22:48 < vorrible> weev: good luck with all and such
22:49 <@weev> 14:49 -ChanServ( Founder of #gnaa changed to murdox.
22:49 <@weev> dsp is glorious leader
22:49 <@weev> murdox is irc manager
22:49 <@weev> ilu all
22:50 <@weev> my trolls to come
22:50 <@weev> are better than any previous
22:50 <@weev> theres gonna be a 1080p video
22:50 <@weev> of me getting literally crucified
22:50 <@weev> yes
22:50 <@weev> i promise
22:51 -!- weev [niggerface@maxchats-pd41ja] has left #gnaa []


3 Responses to Breaking Intel: Weev hands over GNAA on eve of narcotics possession trial

  1. richard says:

    its a fucking irc channel, nobody cares

  2. FYI says:

    Why are you obsessed with weev, a crack smoking midget who is known to lie and exaggerate what he is?

  3. says:


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