Bruce Ivins (Amerithrax) behavioral analysis dox released

The Amerithrax suspect Bruce Ivins committed suicide before he could be indicted.





(For convenience, the errata of Amerithrax case report. PDF)


Should Andrew Auernheimer AKA Weev be held in CMU for terrorists?

I am writing these posts to counter cowardly journalism that Weev is some “hacker hero”. Also, to interweave related, pertinent criminal cases for my CJ readers.

I was reading the blog and came across an interesting article about an ecoterrorist named Eric McDavid (.pdf). He’s the ELF (earth liberation front) member who was stung by a brave hero named Anna. Anna is a fellow criminal analyst who came down to heaven in the name of criminal justice. She impressed her students in her criminal justice class by infiltrating anarchist collectives (.pdf)

Thanks to Anna’s passionate work, McDavid is in sitting in isolation now. The government had enough evidence to present a case he was a terrorist so the Federal Bureau of Prisons could place him in a Communication Management Unit.

Unlike McDavid and Co.’s conspiracy to blow up Nimbus Dam, Weev is a terrorist in the “information warfare” sense. A hacker. Law enforcement are not acquainted with the type of vandalism trolling is, so the field is rather fresh. Weev’s criminal assessment:

  1. Advocates Terrorism in the form of violence – See: his threats to the FBI, his response affirming it
  2. Advocates Sabotage in the form of effecting the economy – See: his iProphet videos about sabotaging Amazon
  3. Advocates Subversion in overthrowing the government – See his Full Disclosure posts about revolution, his livejournal post “fellow revolutionaries”
  4. Runs a “pre-prison” blog where he communicates with his criminal supporters. – See his freeweev livejournal.

The mitigating circumstance is his drug usage having an effect on his mind. This means very little.

(As for Will Potter’s excellent blog, you don’t have to agree with his political viewpoints, but you can buy his book. Kindle format pls! He is a talented writer and offers excellent INT into the “above ground” legal issues surrounding environment activists.)

May update this a bit later today.

James Hiroshi Kira responds!

Yum yum a subject has reacted! Data data!

James Hiroshi Kira writes (previous article):


I just came across your sight and was very surprised. I’m trying to understand what your intentions are.

Just to let you know, which I’m guessing you don’t actually know so much about me, is that I have many SNS sites, and I treat my audiences very differently depending on the site. If they are wealthy, I don’t like them, if they are poor or middle class, I am much kinder.

I can only assume you have some good intentions in what you are doing, so I ask you to make sure you know what you are doing.

Just remember that I am human just like you, although you might consider me to be different or unworthy or something. I don’t have anything to hide, I don’t have any intentions to cause harm to good, normal, or average, people of any race, nationality, or religion, but generally I don’t like wealthy, powerful people, who generally only think about themselves. These are my other sites:,,,,

If you are as you say you are, I wish you well as long as you righteously and reasonably go about what you are doing. And in the chance that you are from some MK-Ultra program or working for these types, I would hope you think about what you are doing.

James (After Jesus’s Bro’s) Hiroshi (Meaning Ocean, or for me between West and East) Kira (Ki=Luck (which I am), ra=Good (which I believe I generally am)

or, google “+JHK +PrisonPlanet”

CrimINT responds:


I do not know you or the intimate details of your life. To me you are a person who, in his youth, rode with a clique of arrogant white kids who went on a crime spree. I’ve been victimized by haughty white boys who bragged about their smarts. I’ve been harassed by police who went around town making up lies about me to make me suffer. I’m hurt. But I’m passionate about finding out why James. Why do people do what they do?

You are worth it.

You can judge if CrimINT’s motives are pure or not.

Prison Planet? You mean Alex Jones? Right-wing guy? Conspiracy? Either an agent of a foreign government meant to destabilize the USG or a counterterror honeypot. Counterintelligence 101 man come on.

"This shit's got to go"

Alex Jones is hilarious. Subversive viral videos are fascinating, the real conspiracy to me is whether foreign governments fund them (and if so, which, Russia?). I love the new Zeitgeist Moving Forward, old man goes up there, “This shits got to go.” Oh man that’s hilarious.

You know there are a bunch of dudes across the Pacific rolling on the floor laughing at this?

Regarding the muslim thing. If you want to pick up Arabic (salamz!) or islam, that’s super chill. However if you are vulnerable to the ideology of violence and martyrdom just because some cute girl dumped you or your life is shit, you need to find different company. Today in congress in US we are discussing Muslim radicalization, that demographic of men 18-29 who are vulnerable to extremism.

I’m happy to know you don’t have intentions to harm anyone. You don’t appear to be that type.

You should find yourself a venue where you can find honest potential girlfriends who aren’t selfish pigs so you will gain confidence and not be vulnerable.

– nick