James Hiroshi Kira responds!

Yum yum a subject has reacted! Data data!

James Hiroshi Kira writes (previous article):


I just came across your sight and was very surprised. I’m trying to understand what your intentions are.

Just to let you know, which I’m guessing you don’t actually know so much about me, is that I have many SNS sites, and I treat my audiences very differently depending on the site. If they are wealthy, I don’t like them, if they are poor or middle class, I am much kinder.

I can only assume you have some good intentions in what you are doing, so I ask you to make sure you know what you are doing.

Just remember that I am human just like you, although you might consider me to be different or unworthy or something. I don’t have anything to hide, I don’t have any intentions to cause harm to good, normal, or average, people of any race, nationality, or religion, but generally I don’t like wealthy, powerful people, who generally only think about themselves. These are my other sites:

http://www.myspace.com, http://www.myspace.cn, http://www.facebook.com, http://www.linkedin.com, http://www.mixi.jp

If you are as you say you are, I wish you well as long as you righteously and reasonably go about what you are doing. And in the chance that you are from some MK-Ultra program or working for these types, I would hope you think about what you are doing.

James (After Jesus’s Bro’s) Hiroshi (Meaning Ocean, or for me between West and East) Kira (Ki=Luck (which I am), ra=Good (which I believe I generally am)

or, google “+JHK +PrisonPlanet”

CrimINT responds:


I do not know you or the intimate details of your life. To me you are a person who, in his youth, rode with a clique of arrogant white kids who went on a crime spree. I’ve been victimized by haughty white boys who bragged about their smarts. I’ve been harassed by police who went around town making up lies about me to make me suffer. I’m hurt. But I’m passionate about finding out why James. Why do people do what they do?

You are worth it.

You can judge if CrimINT’s motives are pure or not.

Prison Planet? You mean Alex Jones? Right-wing guy? Conspiracy? Either an agent of a foreign government meant to destabilize the USG or a counterterror honeypot. Counterintelligence 101 man come on.

"This shit's got to go"

Alex Jones is hilarious. Subversive viral videos are fascinating, the real conspiracy to me is whether foreign governments fund them (and if so, which, Russia?). I love the new Zeitgeist Moving Forward, old man goes up there, “This shits got to go.” Oh man that’s hilarious.

You know there are a bunch of dudes across the Pacific rolling on the floor laughing at this?

Regarding the muslim thing. If you want to pick up Arabic (salamz!) or islam, that’s super chill. However if you are vulnerable to the ideology of violence and martyrdom just because some cute girl dumped you or your life is shit, you need to find different company. Today in congress in US we are discussing Muslim radicalization, that demographic of men 18-29 who are vulnerable to extremism.

I’m happy to know you don’t have intentions to harm anyone. You don’t appear to be that type.

You should find yourself a venue where you can find honest potential girlfriends who aren’t selfish pigs so you will gain confidence and not be vulnerable.

– nick


20 Responses to James Hiroshi Kira responds!

  1. James Hiroshi Kira says:

    Its annoying that you do this just as any normal person would be annoyed, but I believe that anything you do won’t harm me, if not be better for me, however, to be honest, in the long term, it might be you that won’t like what you are doing yourself in front of a such a large audience, regardless of what I do. And just as an example, if you read what you posted, and think about how far you’ve already taken yourself with this, you might understand what I’m saying. But I’m not you. So maybe it will take a bit longer to realize, despite your circumstances.

    It’s your choice though.

    • Nick says:

      Focus James, be specific, sounding vague and mysterious doesn’t communicate your point. Are you speaking in terms of criminal intelligence, counter intelligence, counter terrorism, your specific exposure? How will I not like it in my future?

      • James Hiroshi Kira says:

        1. Your treatment of people is a reflection of how you would treat yourself, and therefore your character. But some people don’t care about character, however character is related to the concept of do unto others as you would to yourself, or perhaps more pertinent to these times, do unto them as unto us. So I am specifically saying you are more or less this type. You would hate yourself if you saw yourself in a movie or across the street, but as long as you think its just you you wouldn’t care, at least in your actions and intentions.

        2. Your values are a reflection of your experience, maturity, and understanding of the world. Specifically you mention confidence and girls, which is an indicator that they are very important to you. As you don’t see others as yourself, you wouldn’t notice that other people would pick this same type of stuff up when they see, hear, or read about you.

        3. Your actions are a reflection of your intentions, which is the core of any law. However intentions are invisible per se, and therefore can only be inferred through ones actions. Specifically, you use the word vague and mysterious, because you are trying to understand what I am saying because, you are honestly trying to understand, however you specifically state that you do not value violence and martyrdom, for example, either because you don’t understand it, because you are paid or incented to state it, or simply don’t understand or fear this type of thing. However your statement itself is also very vague.

        So when I specifically say its your choice, I literally mean it. And I say that I am annoyed, because, as I said, anyone reading all of this, including yourself, would be, based on your word choice, language, and perspective. So you will either continue your objective, which could literally be two extremes at this point, again in contrast to your statement about your values.

        In Japan, people are very sensitive about character and values, so when some ‘character’ tramples into another space without consent, regard, or invitation, there is a tendency to become annoyed.

        So whether you step forward or back, or receive invitation, depends on your values, character, and intentions, all of which you control, are responsible for, and literally all that you end up with, as I said, regardless of what I do.

      • Nick says:

        What Japanese value advocates jihad or slaughtering an innocent family.

  2. James Hiroshi Kira says:

    Good questions:

    1. Slaughtering an innocent family is not a Japanese value, and is not advocated by anyone, including myself. Please keep in mind that both Sebastian and Atif were my best friends from when we were about 14 or 15, and they were 17 when this occurred, and they have been in a small steel reinforced concrete box for almost 20 years, and they are still there, and they will still be there, regardless of what they think or do. Slaughter, definitely bad, which is why, as someone who heard from them about their plan, but didn’t do anything to stop them besides question what they were doing, and when intensely coerced to do so, I testified against them under the principle that it was wrong and I knew what they told me both before and after it occurred, although it was one of the last things I wanted to do, primarily because they faced the possibility of the death penalty in the US or spend the rest of their life in a small concrete box.

    So now I ask you, who doesn’t believe in extremism or violence, what do you believe should happen now, to these, at the time teen age boys, and to draw up a comparison of extremism and violence, and for that matter the planned slaughter of thousands of innocent families, what do you think about what’s happening in Afghanistan, or for that matter, the chaos and mayhem in Africa that has been going on ever since we were born, but nothing has changed except that we have benefited from oil, natural gas, and most of the worlds diamonds while the communities digging this stuff out of their own backyard, are basically starving to death, perhaps even considering that Sebastian and Atif might not be what they were 20 years ago, were known to be intelligent per se, and could potentially be utilized to perhaps provide solutions to all of the problems we have today, instead of sitting dormant in little concrete boxes, costing millions of taxpayer dollars. If you work for the military, which costs trillions of dollars to begin with, is not only responsible for slaughtering millions of innocent families, and is also an opportunity cost for saving millions of innocent lives, what do you think about this?

    Messy world, I agree, difficult problems, and difficult decisions also, and on top of that noones perfect, but in the end, if its character and values that matter, and we agree that the slaughter of innocent families is a definite no-no, then what should you and I do and think right now?

    2. Japanese Bushido, meaning the way of the Samurai, is both the struggle of the self, and struggle against evil, and stresses the importance of both values and character, just as in the West, values and character are important and in much the same way as working hard, perhaps even struggling to make a living, or to diet, or to ‘succeed’ in life. Both of these, are the exact same as Jihad, except Bushido is Asian, Western Values are Western, and Jihad is Middle Eastern. Not only are they the same, but they were all born after Judaism, of which we can all agree, none of them are perfect, and perhaps even that they are almost backwards. For example, a Catholic used to be meek, and generous to the poor, and very concerned about values and character, but for some reason, the head of catholicism, has risen as very extravagant, very wealthy, basically the exact opposite of what you would think a Catholic person would or should be, almost in the same way you could say about a Protestant, Jew, Samurai, or especially in the case of Saudi Arabia, the muslim leaders, or as they put it, Kings, over there.

    You might not understand or initially agree with what I am saying, but I’m sure you at least understand the gist of what I am saying. But in a nutshell, everyone likes to party, and as you say, be super chill, but its kind of unfair to do so, when innocent families are slaughtered, and little guys just like the little guys you and I grew up with, aka ‘Our Bros’, live on less than a dollar a day, so I ‘Struggle’ as best as I can, to be as moderate (not extreme) as I can, do as much ‘Good’ as I can, and wait till I can party with all my ‘Bros’, at a later time, when things are actually ‘Super Chill’, as you put it.

    • Jimmy says:

      James, you seriously need to objectively evaluate your actions in the trial if you are to experience any personal growth. It sounds like you place a significant value on morals. Your refusal to assist law enforcement in any way possible for such a terrible crime speaks to the limits of your morals. You were forced into limited cooperation with law enforcement and even discussed options of refusing to do that with legal representatives. Your actions in that case are not highly moral, they are highly self serving. I hope that experience and time has helped you improve your morals.

  3. Keyser Söze says:

    A very interesting page~!

    Jimmy Miyoshi aka James Hiroshi Kira tries to put forth a screen of bullshit ‘Oriential’ mysticism but you would be stupid to be taken in by it. Prior to fleeing to Japan in the late 90’s, Miyoshi/Kira despite his Japanese heritage had no more understanding of Japanese bushido, Zen, etc philosophy than the average Nicholas Lustbader novel. A few more years, and he’ll be sounding like Yoda.

    Instead some practical reasons behind his new name. Let’s take “Kira”. That was the Japanese name of his Japanese wife, Ayako Kira. Taking her name when they married was a good way, they thought, to hide and create a new identity and life in Japan. Ayako also graduated University of Western Ontario in Canada but even before that they were going out together in Vancouver where she attended Capiliano Community College with aspirations of becoming a model. She certainly was in the know from the start about Jimmy’s involvement in the Burns/Rafay murders but she probably did not care. Their ruse might have worked but it was too easy for Kings County prosecutors to track him down in Tokyo where he was working for Lehman Brothers and Ayako was working as a headhunter.

    Subsequently, when Kira/Miyoshi secured employment at Canadian insurance firm Manulife and later Ascendent Consulting in Tokyo, he discovered that his past life had a way of eventually catching up to him. At some point, Ayako seems to have dumped him. She was a very ambitious headhunter and the expiry date on Jimmy had gone bad. These disappointments probably led him to embrace his current b.s pseudo-terrorist/conspiracist Tenno Heika, Allah Akbar, Banzai, Jihad persona. Makes him feel tough … like Japanese penis …hard like a diamond.

    • James Hiroshi Kira says:

      So I’ve been there and done that and now I spend most of my time trying to Jihad, Banzai, Allahu Akbar, and Tenno Heika, so what for?

      1.Tenno Heika

      Basically means ‘descended from heaven’, the first Emperor of Japan, or founding father was Emperor Jimmu, around 600BC. There are two things I think about this topic 1. Japan, China, Korea, could be one or more of the Lost Tribes of Israel as we historically know Israel or Jacob, a real historical person, was known to have bred children of different color namely black, white, and in betweens, probably Asians. 2. If this is proven to be true to the general public, although there is evidence appearing across a broad array of fields such as blood haplotypes & DNA, historical records, similarities between Judaism and Shintoism, etc, then the implications are that Asian countries became polytheistic (Lost Tribes) as per what is found in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and is consistent with the central claim that Jesus is actually Tenno Heika.

      2. Allahu Akbar
      It means God is Great. All Powerful, All Knowing, The Alpha & the Omega. So if Keiser Soze is mysterious and tough, albeit, a fictional character, then even if God was a fictional character, technically He would have to be considered the ‘Mac Daddy’ of characters. After all, ‘for real’, billions of real people go once in their mortal lifetimes to circle a place known to be the very spot Imam Ali was Born (A real historical person), Muhammad (A real historical person) has obviously been, Abraham built, and Adam (Of all people) originally setup. So I guess I’m friends with Allahu Akbar, not a keiser soze, who thinks everything I do and say is ‘bullshit’, even though it keiser soze, ironically, who is the mysterious, non-existent, fictional, character who uses an alias, while painting suspicion on others.

      My ex-wife once told me that my family name, ‘Miyoshi’ was peasant class when we were just out of high-school, so I grew up most of my life thinking that my family roots led back to nothing and that her family name, ‘Kira’ led back to Samurai class and Royal Blood. However, a few years ago, my father sent me info tracing his family name back through a whole slew of famous Samurai and their families, including Ogasawara (Japanese Archery), Takeda (Daitou Ryuu Aiki-Jujutsu), and Minamoto. Miyoshi and Kira are the direct offspring of the same name, Minamoto no Mitsunaka, a descendant of The Seiwa Genji, descendants of the 56th Emperor of Japan, Emperor Seiwa, descendant of the founder of Japan, Emperor Jimmu. My Grandfather on my mother’s side was definitely a farmer, and my Great Grandfather on my father’s side was a famous kamikazi pilot. So now I have reason to believe that I am half peasant and half samurai, and I keep the name Kira, because I like the name, it means (吉=Fortunate and 良=Good). So Banzai, which means ten-thousand years, or translated into English as ‘Long Live’, and used to wish good health or a long life to The Emperor. And originated from China not Japan, of which some Chinese claim descent from Abraham, presumably the father of everyone alive today. So ‘Banzai’ is like paying tribute to your very own flesh and blood, which includes your very own Bros, whether you sell them out or not.

      Jihad means ‘To Fight for Truth (Not fiction), Unity (Not divide and conquer), Justice (Not federal and state laws), and Righteousness (Not selfishness). So everyday that’s what I do because I know its the right thing to do. So when I understand that The Mac Daddy of fictional and non-fictional characters commands us to Do The Right Thing, be Good, that’s what I want to do and be.

      So Jihad, Banzai, Tenno Heika, and Allahu Akbar. Don’t be a limpy keizer soze.

  4. Keyser Söze says:

    Hi Jimmy~!

    Unfortunately, your copypasta reply was both boring and but predictable. You’ve always had a limited intellect and were never very articulate. Always Second – Third – Fiddle. You have been trying very hard however for the past several years to come across as knowing, worldly albeit a bit cynical and bitter. Since you are faking it, you only manage to fool the very naive.

    Why not tell us what it was like when you were plotting and watching Burns and Atif bash the latter’s family to death? Did you help clean up the scene? Did you have any urges to participate or were you simply horrified?

    It seems that you were quite the milquetoast during your high school days – decidedly the wimpy quiet Third Wheel just happy to be partially-included – and even up until the point you were fired by Lehman Brothers post-trial. When and how did you start coming out of your closet with a new confident-sounding AZN gangsta persona? Was it triggered by the news of your former Alpha male friends getting life sentences? Or, was it when Ayako left you for the monied White Meat? That must have really stung. Betrayed by money, race and a larger penis. Ouch!

    How are you making a living these days? Any plans to change your name again? Maybe an Arabic-sounding one? It’s a lot harder to disappear and re-invent yourself these days.

    • James Hiroshi Kira says:

      Ok, lets get specific on things and lay off on slander and language, presuming we want to get somewhere with this. For starters, I actually wasn’t there when it happened, I was in Canada, even though this wordpress blogsite says that I was there.

      If this is the central source of your problem with me, I could see where you are coming from, but if its not, keep it simple and specific so we can do something about it.

  5. Keyser Söze says:

    Jimmy Miyoshi aka “James Hiroshi Kira” …

    You demand respect but won’t get any as you are an insecure loser with a long history of lying.

    Only you claim that you were in Canada when the murders happened. More likely, watching and like Chance the Gardener in ‘Being There’ maybe you couldn’t help but touch yourself in that special place. Do you still think about it?

    And, you continue to lie… it’s in your blood. The curse and heritage of the underclass. Stop trying to pretend samurai or aristocratic heritage. Much more likely your Miyoshi clan were not just dirt-poor farmers but burakumin and/or hinin that the J-Gov’t was anxious to get rid of. Rabblerousers, Communists and criminally-minded dregs of society. See http://www.jpri.org/publications/workingpapers/wp72.html

    Remember the Summer of ’95? Sounds like Bryan Adams parody song. That was when you, Burns and Rafay met with undercover RCMP officers Gary Shinkaruk and Allen Haslett. Remember thrill of engaging in what you thought were real-deal criminal activities like money laundering (smurfing)? Made you feel especially honored to be ‘allowed’ to tag along with Jonathan and Atif. The cops had a nickname for you at the time which reflected your wimpy milquetoast personality: “joe-boy”.

    So, how did you recount those heady days on your earlier resumes? Fortunately your hot sexy cheating ex-wife Ayako Kira was more than happy to oblige:

    Let’s take one of your earlier resumes for example – kindly provided by your hot ex-wife:

    1995/1996 Group of Private Investors, Sunshine Coast, BC, Contractor
    • Contracted $800,000 subdivision project on Hardy Island.
    • Surveyed and graded property, partitioned it into twenty subdivisions, conducted percolation tests, charted these sites, and composed a summary report for analysis, which resulted in a passing of all government regulations.

    Anyways, you must be wondering what to do next with the untimely demise of your newly adopted hero Osama bin Laden. Waiting for your secret cell to give you a call? Remember as long as you don’t make threats against the Jews or the President of the US, the wimpy CSIS will probably leave you alone. You can wage that private Jihad of yours in your pants.

    • James Hiroshi Kira says:

      So anything you or I say can be used against us in a court of law. God is my witness, my court, and my judge.

      It would be my duty then to inform you that while I have ample respect for Original Jews, and for that matter, the role and duty of someone in the position of President of the United States, Obama is a disaster getting worse, and if you are part of it, then maybe there should be a Jihad against you, before a worse disaster befalls you.

  6. Keyser Söze says:

    Dear Jimmy Miyoshi aka “James Kira” aka “James Hiroshi Kira” aka “joeboy”,

    Congratulations on your attempt to sound both ‘mystic’ and ‘threatening’. However, you simply come across as creepy and the same wimpy loser you were when you followed Jonathan Burns and Atif Rafay like a mong puppy dog during your days at West Vancouver Secondary. Lord knows you try but I think you even know deep down inside that you’ll never make the grade. Did Atif’s latest essay make you go weak in the knees? http://www.walrusmagazine.com/articles/2011.04-essay-on-the-margins-of-freedom/ Be still the beating bat that rained down the heads of Sultana, Tariq and Basma. Ah, but you’d know that scene better than anyone, joeboy. And, stop touching yourself.

    You’ve run out of money and jobs. It’s just a matter of time before you try something desperate. Changing your name again won’t work unless you somehow manage to erase your entire work history. Has your Al-Qaeda penpal & idol Anwar al-Awlaki gotten back to you? He seems to respond better to Arabic names, I hear. Inspire11Malahem@ gmail.com Do the world a favor and blow yourself up. Alone.

    • James Hiroshi Kira says:

      Actually, you come across as quite creepy, especially given you support Obama, someone responsible for the deaths of thousands of both US soldiers and innocent civilians. I’ve never come across such a smooth talking liar as Obama. We should start a criminal investigation on Obama and his Psychopath Banker friends who are robbing American Citizens in broad daylight through the Federal Reserve, and churning up mass slaughter of Afghani families, Pakistani families, Iraqi families, Libyan families, Yemeni families, and is now turning America as we once knew it into a Police State.

      Also, Al-Qaeda is part of the CIA, so that would make this Anwar Al-Awlaki person part of Obama’s entourage, and therefore your penpal & idol. So you be careful any of your so called friends don’t try to strap anything onto your back. I suggest you keep your mystical and threatening ‘Keyser Soze’ alias, although being ignorant and careless isn’t quite considered criminal so technically you don’t have anything to hide, although you seem to be ashamed of something about yourself, and therefore seem to have the need to project it on others. Creepy. Keep it to yourself please.

      I have more respect for Canadian & US Detectives, Lawyers, Prosecutors, Judges, and Police. At least the folks I met weren’t creepy, although maybe things have changed from almost twenty years ago. I can’t believe Sebastian and Atif have been in prison for almost twenty years. In a world where most Americans, especially teens, can barely make a living, and have no future to look forward to except more and more problems like 9-11, Gulf Oil Spill, and now Fukushima, I can’t believe that there are guys like Keyser Soze allowed to roam free spewing their load all over the place. It’s like the beginning of anarchy. I’m glad I found Jesus and Muhammad though, at least I know I can trust these guys.

      But thanks for the link to Atif’s essay, its good to see that he is somewhat ok, despite being imprisoned in one of the most oppressive and backwards institutions built by man.

      I don’t know who this ‘Jonathan’ Burns you refer to is, but if you have any info on ‘Sebastian’ Burns let me know. God Willing, it would be hilarious if Atif and Sebastian made it to Heaven, and Keyser Soze didn’t because he just didn’t do any of his homework.

  7. Keyser Söze says:

    Dear Jimmy Miyoshi AKA “James Kira” AKA “James Hiroshi Kira” AKA “joeboy”,

    Where to start? First, words like “detectives”, “lawyers”, “prosecutors”, “judges”, and “police” aren’t proper nouns. Capitalizing them unnecessarily makes you look even more like the inarticulate mong that you are.

    “…Al-Qaeda is part of the CIA…” Oops. You lost me there and most likely anyone else with half a brain. I think you’re trying to do this purposely to insert an air of slight insanity. Perhaps an effort to make your previous commentary less culpable…incriminating. You are trying too hard, my friend.

    You indicate a certain affection for your former friend, Atif Rafay. How about Sebastian (was thinking about another ‘Burns’ at the time – apologies)? How about his sister, Tiffany? She’s kinda hot, don’t you think? How about her film, “Mr. Big”? Bring back memories of Gary and Al? They really had you going, didn’t they? That was a pretty heady summer of ’95! Or, perhaps you could also share with us your views about Peter Van Sant’s book, “Perfectly Executed”? Curious minds would like to know.

    • James Hiroshi Kira says:

      Like I said keyser soze, I have more respect for the Detectives, Lawyers, Judges, and Police of that time than I have of creepy current day characters. My only view of the book you mention, is that I haven’t read it and think that the people who produced it and the people who purchased it, are just as creepy, just for kicks and coin. People who read mainstream media have no idea what is happening in the world anyways.

      If there are curious minds as you say, I have the following:

      1. People that do their due diligence and analysis on news and current events and therefore actually have a better idea of what is going on:

      2. The largest real time encyclopedia in the world, so big that the CIA started using it for themselves. Enough information to know about anything, although the CIA’s Special Activities Division has now hired full time creeps to edit and bias the information in it, just like they did with CNN and all other mainstream media.

      3. The most accurate book ever written (Even Mathematically accurate) Just read the second chapter if you can get through it.

      Or if this is way too much for you, advice from Imam Ali, the guy who wrote the above mentioned book. If you think fortune cookie fortunes made sense or were useful, then try these:


  8. bmorever says:

    Jimmy, whether you were actually present in Bellevue or not is irrelevant. You are morally responsible for the annihilation of a family because you knew about it and did nothing to stop it. After you were forced to speak out against your friends, against your will, you said that you didn’t feel bad about what happened, and that as a result, “there might be something wrong with me.” It has been almost 20 years, and you have likely grown up a lot since this happened. But have you grown a soul? Do you ever feel bad? Do you wish you could change things?

  9. Crime Student says:

    I am interested in the Burns-Rafay case, from having seen it on CBS 48 Hours. Jimmy, it sounds as though your concern is whether their punishment is too severe, and not that they were wrongfully convicted. Is that right?

  10. Sojourner Truth says:

    Dear James, I believe you are a fundamentally decent person who, out of necessity, helped to put two friends in prison. You lied, yes, but you did what 99% of the people would do. After all, they ‘confessed’, so why should you have to suffer the consequences of being an accessory when you were also innocent? I write these words with 100 percent certainty: all three of you are innocent victims of the same crime that killed the Rafays and the same system that destroys lives to justify itself.
    This does not mean, of course, that you can’t come forward and tell the truth even though the truth has nothing to do with the justice system. The truth rests on a higher principle. Now that Sebastian and Atif have lost their first appeal, you may well be their only hope. Otherwise you will live a life of fraudulence and regret and their lives will forever be true nightmares.

  11. Keyser Söze says:

    This part of the article regarding Jimmy Miyoshi aka James Hiroshi Kira’s participation is particularly interesting:



    “…After the murders, Miyoshi called them, eager to hear details, curious about how they felt. It was blood-curdling.

    Police arrested the teen in July 31, 1995 and Miyoshi was offered immunity two months later.

    Nevertheless, he fled to Japan, changed his name and assiduously tried to disappear. Even after police traced him, Miyoshi called defence lawyers and tried to avoid testifying.

    In the end, however, in clear, concise and specific statements, he buried his buddies.

    “I don’t remember how [Rafay] put it,” Miyoshi said. “He, he, I guess, expressed the idea of doing it . . . killing his parents. He introduced it to me as a money-making scheme.”

    He said Burns told him following the sanguinary crime: “Atif didn’t take it so well . . . basically he was flipping out. He was not helpful at the time and it was up to him to finish it off. But I think he had the same kind of feeling Atif had . . . it was crappy . . . a miserable thing . . . basically, it wasn’t that quick and painless thing.”

    Miyoshi said Rafay didn’t care that his older sister was still alive after the attack and clung to life for hours before dying in hospital.

    Afterwards, the trio lived together in a North Vancouver apartment until Miyoshi moved out a month or so before police swooped in. …”


    However, others have pointed out the possibility of a THIRD person in the house who accompanied Burns and Rafay. If so, it only makes sense that it would have been Miyoshi/Kira.

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