Should Andrew Auernheimer AKA Weev be held in CMU for terrorists?

I am writing these posts to counter cowardly journalism that Weev is some “hacker hero”. Also, to interweave related, pertinent criminal cases for my CJ readers.

I was reading the blog and came across an interesting article about an ecoterrorist named Eric McDavid (.pdf). He’s the ELF (earth liberation front) member who was stung by a brave hero named Anna. Anna is a fellow criminal analyst who came down to heaven in the name of criminal justice. She impressed her students in her criminal justice class by infiltrating anarchist collectives (.pdf)

Thanks to Anna’s passionate work, McDavid is in sitting in isolation now. The government had enough evidence to present a case he was a terrorist so the Federal Bureau of Prisons could place him in a Communication Management Unit.

Unlike McDavid and Co.’s conspiracy to blow up Nimbus Dam, Weev is a terrorist in the “information warfare” sense. A hacker. Law enforcement are not acquainted with the type of vandalism trolling is, so the field is rather fresh. Weev’s criminal assessment:

  1. Advocates Terrorism in the form of violence – See: his threats to the FBI, his response affirming it
  2. Advocates Sabotage in the form of effecting the economy – See: his iProphet videos about sabotaging Amazon
  3. Advocates Subversion in overthrowing the government – See his Full Disclosure posts about revolution, his livejournal post “fellow revolutionaries”
  4. Runs a “pre-prison” blog where he communicates with his criminal supporters. – See his freeweev livejournal.

The mitigating circumstance is his drug usage having an effect on his mind. This means very little.

(As for Will Potter’s excellent blog, you don’t have to agree with his political viewpoints, but you can buy his book. Kindle format pls! He is a talented writer and offers excellent INT into the “above ground” legal issues surrounding environment activists.)

May update this a bit later today.


7 Responses to Should Andrew Auernheimer AKA Weev be held in CMU for terrorists?

  1. Isaiah says:

    I have to disagree with you on this one. Advocating revolution is legal — it only becomes illegal when you incite actual violence against a civic, business or government institution. Similarly, saying ““A sane society would line up these federal pieces of shit and shoot them in the street” is protected speech also; saying “bring your gun and let’s go kill these federal pos’s” would not be. Weev does not cross the line between polemic and incitement in the cases you mention, although he comes near to it. Cyber-bullying is illegal, as is hacking; you don’t have to attack the first amendment to hold him accountable.

    • Nick says:


      Weev’s speech was legal, it didn’t put him into his legal debacle.

      Passing around subversive lit is legal. Few people who do so are violating the law. You’re surveilled and harassed if you do.

      Auernheimer’s placement is prison is different than his rights on the outside. The prison system’s handling of people while incarcerated is administrative – not every FBP decision flies past a magistrate, or else there would be rampant trolling.

      I reiterate that he advocates economic sabotage for sharply diabolical reasons. His rhetoric is part of the crime he’s accused of. In prison, after conviction for his illegal act, he should be place in CMU.

  2. Isaish says:

    Oh. Sorry, misread this. So you think after he is convicted, his communication should be restricted through CMU, since what he advocates is subversive? That’s a different issue. I’m not really familiar with CMU and what sorts of speech the prison system restricts, but I’d like to learn more about it. As an American, I have certainly inherited the deep suspicion my countrymen hold towards any attempt to restrict free speech. It seems to me that, particularly in light of the fact that prisons have many times been used to control people with unpopular opinions, our country benefits from having the broadest freedom of speech possible for prisoners. The word terrorist strikes me as every bit as nebulous and dangerous as terms like subversive or counterrevolutionary; it is a term governments throw around as an excuse to clamp down on people with dangerous ideas along with actual criminals.

    Incidentally, I think Weev should be in jail for a number of reasons, but the hack he is on trial for is not one of them. He exposed a security hole, which could have been maliciously exploited otherwise, and it appears that he really did not use the private data he acquired, except as proof of the hole. In my mind, he is really on trial for embarrassing a powerful company, and I’m worried this trial is going to make him a hero to many people. I’d much prefer to see him go down for blackmail, harassment, stalking, possessing child porn, etc.

    • Nick says:

      There’s nothing so profound and true to say anyway. Read Cult of the Amateur.

      Re: weev being recognized as a hero, yup. Poulsen, Mitnick, Lamos. Did they learn their lesson? They seem to live off their criminal acts. They’re not virtuous people.

      Go grab Poulsen’s book Kingpin anyway.

  3. CommonSense says:

    Get raped.

  4. YoureAFuckingTool says:

    I applaud you on your failed attempt to increase blog readers in the name of ‘weev.’ At least is makes transparent your level of Schadenfreude. Tell me, are you a /b/ tard?

    You obviously have no understanding of how trolling actually works, as can be seen by this useless post. Perhaps you should try reading other material than all these books you recommend. You should do more research before you post pointless rants about shit you have no idea about.

    I threw up in my mouth a bit when you tried to compare weev to Poulsen, Mitnick, and Lamo. No one gives a shit about Poulsen, or Lamo. They aren’t hackers. One is a ego-maniac, homosexual semi-journalist and the other a retarded, inbred fame whore who acts like he saved the US’s nation security by turning in scapegoat Brad Manning, when in reality he sniffed a few Tor exit nodes. Both of them will be killed in the revolution.

    As for Mitnick… No one cares about his old ass anymore. At least he is actually a hacker. A shitty one none the less, but still a hacker. And you can rant about him “living” off of his crimes, but don’t you think he deserves to? I’m sure he learned his lesson as he was held without trial for close to 5 years. God Bless the USA though, right?!?

    Your mother should have swallowed you.

    And as CommonSense suggested, Get fucked!

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