Breaking Intel: Weev hands over GNAA on eve of narcotics possession trial

03:44 < trelane`> wow there’s a lot of cares about weev on F-D
03:44 < trelane`> apparently he’s as good with the women as Julian Assange

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Want to have your article removed from Encyclopedia Dramatica?

"your creativity for punishment is superb"

To do this, you have various roadblocks. It will take me a whole article to delve into the mess of taking down one. But let’s say your desperate.

Masturbate on camera.

December 26th, 2009:

< weev> littelmensch
< weev> i’m an encyclopedia dramatica administrator
< weev> i could delete your article right now
< weev> the thing is
< weev> what do you have to offer the lulz
<@dys> to be honest
<@dys> that page is pretty bad
< weev> littelmensch: would you willing to draw the ae logo on your chest
< weev> and jerk off
< weev> on videocamera
< weev> singing the national anthem
<~fapman> it’s got some pretty unflattering material on there
< weev> you dont have to show your face
<@dys> he is german
<@dys> so the german anthem then
< weev> oh wait
< weev> a nazi anthem then
<@dys> YES
< littelmensch> I’ll buy a ae t-shirt or something. Please, just delet it..
< weev> i dont know dude
< weev> i think i gave you a pretty fair offer.
<~fapman> you don’t even have to disclose your identity
< weev> yeah
< weev> you dont have to show your face
<~fapman> and it’s a pretty small price to pay
< weev> we’re just asking for a bit of pornographic nazi worship with our websites logo
<~fapman> there are guys who go on webcam and do that stuff without even being asked
<@dys> but you do have to sieg heil while singing
< weev> heil hitler!
<~fapman> but you’re getting to get stuff removed off of ED –
there’s practically no consequence to you
<~fapman> and you get to remain faceless
< littelmensch> So what i have to do Exactly?
< weev> littelmensch: okay. do you have a video camera or webcam?
< littelmensch> yes
< weev> okay
< weev> we need you to record a video
< weev> you need to draw the ae logo REALLY big on your chest
< weev> and then some swastikas on it
< weev> and in the nude
< weev> you need to masturbate
<~fapman> remember, stay faceless
< weev> while singing deutschland, deutschland uber alles
<~fapman> your face doesn’t have to be on camera
<@dys> and make sure you heil hitler while singing
< weev> and then you need to say
< weev> “for encyclopedia dramatica, i will kill all the jews”
<~fapman> you can move stuff behind yourself out of the way to make it harder to identify the room you’re in
< weev> after you finish masturbating
< weev> its pretty simple
< littelmensch> oh lord… ok.. if i dont have an other opinion ill do it
< weev> okay
<~fapman> and if you have any recognizable birthmarks, cover them
< weev> when we receive the video
< weev> we’ll remove your article


Auernhemier, Andrew. deutschland, deutschland uber alles. 2011-01-07. URL: Accessed: 2011-01-07. (Archived by WebCite® at
Update. Fixed image.

Camp Terror: Andrew Auernheimer’s Desert Klan Meetings

Auernheimer removed / friends-only this posted roughly a year ago.

Andrew Auernheimer, Hypocrites and Pharisees. July 5th, 2010.


Auernheimer, Andrew. Hypocrites and Pharisees. 2011-01-04. URL: Accessed: 2011-01-04. (Archived by WebCite® at

Auernheimer, Andrew. New years Eve @ Slab City. 2010-01-03. URL: http://weev.livejournal.com

Breaking Intel: Immunized, Confessed Murder Suspect wants “Jihad”

"Jihad in Tokyo"

Jimmy Miyoshi (AKA James Hiroshi Kira) was an accomplice in the vicious slaying of 3/4 members of the Rafay family from Bellevue, Washington. The Father Tariq, the mother Sultana and the daughter Basma who suffered from autism were beaten to death by Sebastian Burns with a baseball bat, while the Rafay son, Atif staged a breakin and Miyoshi watched.


In my study of police investigation tactics I have stumbled upon the Mr. Big technique to illicit confessions. It is of interest to me because I am fixated on the layers of deception government agents will use in the course of their job. Gratuitous subterfuge is an interesting topic in CJ and documents which I dug up from offline are now online ;), in the open.

In the midst of troving into the background on the Sebastian Burns case, shuffling through the normal defense-cruft by narcissistic family members for the real meat. The substance the lead juror’s to convict Sebastian and Atif of the triple murders beyond a reasonable doubt become clear.

Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay were convicted mostly upon confessions illicited after an elaborate ruse by RCMP. They befriended an undercover government agent who invited them into a fake criminal organization. Eventually, to become full members they had to dish their souls to “Mr. Big”, the boss of an organized crime agency (lol). Despite the cries of foul by family members of Burns, it was more than police dirty tricks. They bragged they were smarter than the police. Almost as damning as the confession was testimony of Miyoshi, who witnessed the criminal conspiracy (the planning of + discussion of motive) and the crime itself.

He was given full immunity to confess to RCMP, despite Refay and Burn’s bragging to detectives that Miyoshi would never betray them. He was promised to get his job back at his American company in Japan, but was fired anyway. Did he change his ways, or is he falling in line with radicalism?

Is this the real Miyoshi? Well see for yourself:

Lehman Brothers in Tokyo. Vancouver Hometown

Will be covering Sebastian Burns and what a (bad) liar he is later.

Update: Post on Sebastian Burns, Atif Rafay and the Bellevue murders.


Green, Sara Jean. Key witness testifies via videotape at Rafay-Burns murder trial. 2011-01-02. URL: Accessed: 2011-01-02. (Archived by WebCite® at

Kira, James (aka Jimmy Miyoshi). MySpace. 2011-01-02. URL: Accessed: 2011-01-02. (Archived by WebCite® at

Updated Jan 4th, 2:20pm. Corrections.

Breaking Intel: Career Criminal Andrew Auernheimer has Violent Mind

“A sane society would line up these federal pieces of shit and shoot them in the street. “

Weev was exposed in the Jewish Review a while back for suspected anti-semitic death threats against a synagogue. Now Auernheimer has found a new enemy with the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies.

We’re hoping the arrest of weev is swift and his incarceration long.

Weev this essence drawn from the depths of your criminal mind has been scanned, extracted, analyzed and archived.

Auernheimer, Andrew. Statement on Gawker Hack (comment). 2010-12-30. URL: Accessed: 2010-12-30. (Archived by WebCite® at

Auernheimer, Andrew. Statement on Gawker Hack (full thread). 2010-12-30. URL: Accessed: 2010-12-30. (Archived by WebCite® at


Andrew Auernheimer (aka Weev’s) Dossier

Andrew Auernheimer AKA Weev [Fullinfo Doc(TM)	revision #4]
From: Adam Kration
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2010 11:33:33 -0800 (PST)
Eyeballing Weev, An informative dossier.
  by Bender "Bending" Rodriguez

  Revision #4

  You can edit this document and submit it back as a new revision.

  An effort by community citizens to expose this person. If you
have any helpful knowledge about weev (even general) and have
something to add, please reply with any editions.

  Andrew "Weev" is a troll in his early 20's who has hacked into
various websites, harasses innocent people and companies, and
actually dropped dox on this very list. He's been covered in a
NYTimes article on cyberharassment and a WST online blog post
about a job he claims to have done on amazon.

  According to our contact with his mother Andrew used to live
a quiet life in Richmond, VA. Described as perfectly kind and
supportive of his brother and sister. But he began a life
of drugs, starting with ecstacy and moving up to heroin. His
former girlfriend was a user. He left to SoCal with no car
or phone number given to family. His parents tried to have him
involuntary committed.

  It is said in his NYTimes article that he is a wealthy cyber-
criminal. In reality, he's nothing more than a nomadic schizo-
phrenic with nothing better to do than reak havoc of the lives
of innocents.

  Some of his victims (Which are on a list too long for even his
associates to remember in entirety) consist of Rob Levin, Rich
Kyanka's (lowtax) and Kathy Sierra's identity theft. Also, at the
request of Girlvinyl (Sherrod DeGrippo), the owner of encyclopedia
dramatica,  weev was able to nail Randi Harper (freebsdgirl) to the
wall, still hocking up her name on google to this day.

  Andrew is known for his pathological sense of vanity and
narcissism. Every last act he does, he makes special effort to leave
his mark economically, embarrassing and traumatizing his victims.
 He wants to be world famous. His remedy for distracting attention
from his own flaws and ironies is the age-old "blame it on the

  For him, he doesn't try to use it in a sarcastic way, merely
pointing out absurb anti-semitism exists, he uses in this way to
say something so extreme any attempt of criticizing him stops.

  In general, a puppy that wants love, but apparently can't be
fixed. A Michael Crook.

  In his most recent bid for attention and ruin, he targetted
iPads. They are flat panel devices made by Apple that have touch
screens and internet access. He has received the attention of the
media, been raided by FBI and they found drugs, which lead to state
drug charges. While the indictment of Auernheimer is pending, he
has made various rants, including a surreal full disclosure post
to the prosecutor of the case.

  Real Identity
  - First name: Andrew
  - Last name: Auernheimer (mispelled as Aurenheimer sometimes)
  - Middle name: Alan Escher
  - Full name: Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer

  September 1st, 1985

  Past schools
  James Madison University

  Known address
  Criminal / 0day / Spam / Scam
  PO Box 61359
  Sunnyvale, CA 94088

  60 acres in the sticks with hungry dogs and guns, he claims.

  San Francisco, Los Angeles areas of California

  You can google his PO Box address (where he does biz from) and
see complaints about fraud.

  Known Aliases
  - Weev
  - Wbeelsoi
  - Uchiha Weevlos
  - Weevlar
  - Weevlos
  - Andrew wbeelsoi
  - Andrew weevlos
  - The iProhet
  - TheiProphet
  - The-iProphet

  Drives a silver, 2000 Honda Civic
  License plate 6EFJ814.
  Most recently smog checked at Auto Chek in Anaheim, CA
  2009/01/21, at 3:30 pm.

  Traffic Violation
  case "LH419349".

  Date of ticket: April 17th, 2009

  Details: 22107 VC     I       Unsafe turn or lane change
  Disposition: Bail forfeiture (05/28/2009)

  Auernheimer tried to disguise his identity as Andrew Averngimer

  Obstruction / False name charge
============================= 2010-11-24. URL: Accessed: 2010-11-24.
  Archived by WebCite® at Mirror: 2010-11-24. URL: Accessed: 2010-11-24.
  Archived by WebCite® at

  Known Affiliations
  - Bantown
  - Buttes
  - EFnet #down
  - GNAA (Gay Nigger Association of America)
  - Goatse Security
  - SASS (Something Awful Sycophant Squad)
  - Encyclopedia Dramatica

  Known Enemies
  - Something Awful
  - FBI
  - JDL
  - Possibly banks
  - Any law enforcement agency he knows him
  - Any jewish civil rights group that knows him

  - Dennis Fetcho (TheFetch)
  - Kathy Sierra
  - Rob Levin (Lilo)
  - Richard Kyanka (lowtax)
  - Randi Harper (FreeBSDGirl)

  (Know more?

  Known business affiliations
  - Redacted.


  Known publicity stunts
Toorcon2111, Cybercrime:
  Full URL:

LiveJournal hacking

NYTimes "Mawebulence" Expose:
  Full URL:
  Tiny URL:

He is also taking credit for Amazon hack of 2009. However this
has not been confirmed


Public naming by JewishReview:
  Full URL:

iPad hack fiasco:
  Search "Auernheimer +ipad"

iPad investigation rant 1:
  2010-11-24. URL:
  Accessed: 2010-11-24.
  Archived by WebCite® at

Taunting United States Attorney prosecution team:
 (related to his iPad 1030 crime) aka rant 2
  Hacker offers advice to prosecutor in AT&T-iPad case. Mills, Elinor. 2010-11-24.
  URL: Accessed: 2010-11-24.
  Archived by WebCite® at

  Other pertinent information
  Meltdown post after his public naming:
    - Source:
    - Archival:

  Also weev posts his IRL name+handle on
    - Archival:

  Drug lab information from narco bust:

  Weev online

  - gluttony at
  - snailcricket () gmail com (paypal)

  Further Intelligence
2010-11-24. URL: Accessed: 2010-11-24.
Archived by WebCite® at

2010-11-24. URL:
Accessed: 2010-11-24. Archived by WebCite® at

2010-11-24. URL:
Accessed: 2010-11-24. Archived by WebCite® at

2010-11-24. URL: Accessed: 2010-11-24.
Archived by WebCite® at

2010-12-05. URL: Accessed: 2010-12-05. (Archived by WebCite® at

  Online Profiles and other miscellania
============================= (Joseph Evers Shell) 2010-11-24.
  URL: Accessed: 2010-11-24.
  Archived by WebCite® at

  Legal Notice

  You don't have to give your identity if you don't want to (even
if you're a victim). You have a right to an attorney if you wish to
speak with them above weev. If you don't want them to know your
linkage with weev, send anonymous tip + some form of evidence (best
you can muster) to substantiate the lead

  This document is licensed under the GFDL. Open source

  10 / 3 / 2009 - Initial revision by GOBBLES Security
  10 / 4 / 2009 - Emails are flooding in. I really can't read
through all this mail. Added car info, ticket info, attempted
disguise attempt by Andrew. We got a lot more coming, just gotta
get a few ends tied. Fixed formatting of names and monikers.
  10 / 5 / 2009 - After correspondence with a family member of
weev we decided to remove information relating to the family
for their privacy. Also removed the business info because it
appears Andrew registered the domains and never gave them back.
We offer our condolences to weev's family. Edited intro.
  12 / 5 / 2010 - Refreshing this document. I kindly ask that
anyone reposting this document lay off the family of Andrew.