That’s so spergin: Jared Lee Loughner, the profile of the lonewolf aspie

Bruce Ivin's: "I'm a little dream self"

Between waking and dreaming. Schizophrenia, paranoia and other surrealism all have similarities. Um, Bruce Ivins neone?

Loughner is a special individual. Look at his a snippet of his web video.

Remember John Patrick Bedell, Pentagon Shooter? See his dossier on Gawker.

From _space/myspace.

Similarities are uncanny, you’ll notice that both of them:

  • spoke about the constitution.
  • had guns.
  • ideas to change the world by invention. Wannabe Thomas Edison stuff.

The unintelligible posts show the judgment of the individual was clouded. The posts about mind control, civil rights and the government, is a person who is delirious. Adding a gun to the equation changes the situation into a possibly violent one.

A profile is emerging:

The government will drive a truck through this during the defendant's inevitable insanity defense. (source: Loughner's Myspace)

Oh, this just in, Loughner was a pothead too.

While his mental health / grip with reality deteriorating are quite obvious, hope of life in an asylum is unlikely. Pictures of him around firearms or demonstrating violent ideation are viewed as signs of a criminal mind, not one that would match the criteria for insanity in US.


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Disclosure: The author of this criminal justice blog was pinned with asperger’s when he was 15.