Breaking Intel: Immunized, Confessed Murder Suspect wants “Jihad”

"Jihad in Tokyo"

Jimmy Miyoshi (AKA James Hiroshi Kira) was an accomplice in the vicious slaying of 3/4 members of the Rafay family from Bellevue, Washington. The Father Tariq, the mother Sultana and the daughter Basma who suffered from autism were beaten to death by Sebastian Burns with a baseball bat, while the Rafay son, Atif staged a breakin and Miyoshi watched.


In my study of police investigation tactics I have stumbled upon the Mr. Big technique to illicit confessions. It is of interest to me because I am fixated on the layers of deception government agents will use in the course of their job. Gratuitous subterfuge is an interesting topic in CJ and documents which I dug up from offline are now online ;), in the open.

In the midst of troving into the background on the Sebastian Burns case, shuffling through the normal defense-cruft by narcissistic family members for the real meat. The substance the lead juror’s to convict Sebastian and Atif of the triple murders beyond a reasonable doubt become clear.

Sebastian Burns and Atif Rafay were convicted mostly upon confessions illicited after an elaborate ruse by RCMP. They befriended an undercover government agent who invited them into a fake criminal organization. Eventually, to become full members they had to dish their souls to “Mr. Big”, the boss of an organized crime agency (lol). Despite the cries of foul by family members of Burns, it was more than police dirty tricks. They bragged they were smarter than the police. Almost as damning as the confession was testimony of Miyoshi, who witnessed the criminal conspiracy (the planning of + discussion of motive) and the crime itself.

He was given full immunity to confess to RCMP, despite Refay and Burn’s bragging to detectives that Miyoshi would never betray them. He was promised to get his job back at his American company in Japan, but was fired anyway. Did he change his ways, or is he falling in line with radicalism?

Is this the real Miyoshi? Well see for yourself:

Lehman Brothers in Tokyo. Vancouver Hometown

Will be covering Sebastian Burns and what a (bad) liar he is later.

Update: Post on Sebastian Burns, Atif Rafay and the Bellevue murders.


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