Want to have your article removed from Encyclopedia Dramatica?

"your creativity for punishment is superb"

To do this, you have various roadblocks. It will take me a whole article to delve into the mess of taking down one. But let’s say your desperate.

Masturbate on camera.

December 26th, 2009:

< weev> littelmensch
< weev> i’m an encyclopedia dramatica administrator
< weev> i could delete your article right now
< weev> the thing is
< weev> what do you have to offer the lulz
<@dys> to be honest
<@dys> that page is pretty bad
< weev> littelmensch: would you willing to draw the ae logo on your chest
< weev> and jerk off
< weev> on videocamera
< weev> singing the national anthem
<~fapman> it’s got some pretty unflattering material on there
< weev> you dont have to show your face
<@dys> he is german
<@dys> so the german anthem then
< weev> oh wait
< weev> a nazi anthem then
<@dys> YES
< littelmensch> I’ll buy a ae t-shirt or something. Please, just delet it..
< weev> i dont know dude
< weev> i think i gave you a pretty fair offer.
<~fapman> you don’t even have to disclose your identity
< weev> yeah
< weev> you dont have to show your face
<~fapman> and it’s a pretty small price to pay
< weev> we’re just asking for a bit of pornographic nazi worship with our websites logo
<~fapman> there are guys who go on webcam and do that stuff without even being asked
<@dys> but you do have to sieg heil while singing
< weev> heil hitler!
<~fapman> but you’re getting to get stuff removed off of ED –
there’s practically no consequence to you
<~fapman> and you get to remain faceless
< littelmensch> So what i have to do Exactly?
< weev> littelmensch: okay. do you have a video camera or webcam?
< littelmensch> yes
< weev> okay
< weev> we need you to record a video
< weev> you need to draw the ae logo REALLY big on your chest
< weev> and then some swastikas on it
< weev> and in the nude
< weev> you need to masturbate
<~fapman> remember, stay faceless
< weev> while singing deutschland, deutschland uber alles
<~fapman> your face doesn’t have to be on camera
<@dys> and make sure you heil hitler while singing
< weev> and then you need to say
< weev> “for encyclopedia dramatica, i will kill all the jews”
<~fapman> you can move stuff behind yourself out of the way to make it harder to identify the room you’re in
< weev> after you finish masturbating
< weev> its pretty simple
< littelmensch> oh lord… ok.. if i dont have an other opinion ill do it
< weev> okay
<~fapman> and if you have any recognizable birthmarks, cover them
< weev> when we receive the video
< weev> we’ll remove your article


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